Why Use a CDFA?

How does a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA™) help clients?

Divorce is a multi-step process. A Divorce Financial Planner is the best resource for informed guidance at each step in the process.

Pre-Divorce Financial Review
• Compile, Organize, and Value Assets
• Analyze Liabilities
• Estimate Immediate Needs
• Prepare Statements of Net Worth
• Develop Realistic Budgets

Long-Term Planning
• Discuss and Prioritize Goals
• Estimate Career Training Cost and Timeline
• Estimate Future Earnings Potentials
• Estimate College and Educational Costs
• Compare After-Tax Asset Sales
• Project Retirement Needs
• Analyze Insurance Needs

Divorce Settlement Analysis
• Review After-Tax Proposed Settlements
• Estimate Maintenance Needs
• Analyze Long-Term Cash Flow and Net Worth
• Compare and Contrast Settlement Proposals
• Develop Alternate Settlement Proposals

Post-Divorce Financial Management
• Oversee Asset Transfers
• Set up Budgeting and Money Management Systems
• Manage Investments
• Monitor Results
• Update Plans

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