This workshop is designed to help women take the next step, no matter where they are in the process of 'untying the knot'. Second Saturday deals with the legal, financial, family, and personal issues of divorce in a logical, yet compassionate way. 

With the guidance of trained professionals, workshop participants gain greater understanding of the confusing divorce process.

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The Program

Legal Issues in Divorce

Legal Issues in Divorce

  • Overview of the Divorce Law
  • Understanding the Divorce Process
  • Protecting Yourself Legally – Your Rights & Options
  • Property Division
  • Child Custody
  • Child & Spousal Support
  • Ways to Approach Divorce – Alternatives to Traditional Litigation
  • How to Choose an Attorney
Gaining Financial Control of Your Divorce

    Gaining Financial Control of Your Divorce

    • Preparing for divorce financially
    • Identifying & understanding ALL financial assets
    • How to increase your chances for an Equitable Distribution of Assets
    • Determining support for you & your children
    • Financial & Tax consideration Pre- & Post-divorce
Family Topics

      Family Topics

      • Telling the children & answering questions – different strategies for different ages
      • Helping your family cope with the stress of divorce
      • Helping children understand divorce
      • Taking care of yourself & rebuilding self-esteem
      • Dealing with a hostile spouse & strategies for communicating with your spouse during this time