What Makes for a Great Family Vacation

What Makes for a Great Family Vacation

December 20, 2018

What makes for a great family vacation? Should it include learning as well as leisure? Thinking about that next family trip? If you are mulling over how to make your next one great, consider these questions and factors.

Should education be a part of the vacation? An overseas trip or a journey deep into nature, enriched by educational context, can profoundly impact a child and perhaps inspire a lifelong passion. There doesn’t have to be a curriculum: immersion in another country’s culture for a week can be educational by itself. Ideally, a tour company arranges such a trip for you—a vacation at a relaxed pace, arranged by a company that values your need for family time.

On the other hand, sometimes a trip with a learning aspect can feel a little… instructive to kids. A plain old break to the beach, the slopes, or the theme park may be what they really want.

What matters more: shared activities or solo time? Doing things together is central to a great family trip, but arranging a break every 3-4 hours—the kids have their time, and you have yours— is a good idea. The hours after lunch are ideal for this.

For young families, all-inclusive resorts really can satisfy all ages. The packaged deals and opportunities for shared activities can create some lasting memories, and many of these destinations aim to teach kids as well as entertain, putting fun into learning. Some cruise lines offer families similar experiences.