How to Talk to Your Boss about Pay Equality

How to Talk to Your Boss about Pay Equality

April 04, 2022

Equality has been fought for over the centuries. Even though equality is a lot closer than in previous decades, there are still pay disparities in industries and individual companies. Pay inequality is a genuine concern that affects more people than you may realize. So, when you notice a disparity in pay at your workplace, it is crucial to speak up and address the concern. The question is, how do you get started? Is it time to talk to your boss about pay equality? Below are a few tips to make the task easier.

Perform Some Research

If you feel you are affected by pay equality, the first step is to gather some research to have evidence of the disparity. Try to determine what others are paid in your specific position in your region or, if possible, in your office. While there are online resources that may help you find comparable pay rates based on your position and the size of your company, your colleagues and network connections may be able to provide you with the easiest to verify the information.1

During your research, gather information to back up why you deserve the same pay as another coworker. Do you have sales records that show you have similar accomplishments? What other ways do you perform your duties at the same or better level?1

Play the Devil's Advocate

Take into consideration everything that might be brought up when you ask why there is a pay disparity. Remove emotion from the equation. Take into consideration whether:

  • You have the same responsibilities as those higher paid
  • You have the same or better results
  • You have the same knowledge and experience
  • You have worked at the company for a similar amount of time
  • You have the same benefits

If the answer to these questions is yes, then your boss could have a more challenging time arguing that the pay discrepancy is justified.2

Don't Place Blame

When you bring up the disparity, don't blame the co-worker that makes more. Enter the conversation as if you were negotiating a raise. Start by listing why you feel more pay is warranted, such as your achievements with your job, your loyalty, and your experience. Then bring up that you have similar skills, duties, experience, and results as others who make more for the same position. Try to keep your emotions at bay during negotiations, even though it might be frustrating. The conversation should always come back to being paid the same amount for the same work and the same success.1

Be Willing to Leave

Unfortunately, your boss may need to know that you are willing to walk away if you don't receive your fair pay, and you may need to prepare yourself to do so if negotiations fail. Yet, if pay inequality exists, and no one in the company is willing to rectify it, it is likely in your interest to move on. Otherwise, you may find yourself fighting the same battle again and again.2


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