DOL’s Mandate for Employers to Monitor 401(k)s

DOL’s Mandate for Employers to Monitor 401(k)s

April 30, 2024

Ensuring compliance when it comes to monitoring fees and services

In the realm of retirement planning, 401(k) accounts stand as one of the primary vehicles for millions of Americans to save for their golden years. These employer-sponsored retirement plans offer a multitude of benefits, including tax advantages and employer contributions. However, with these benefits come fiduciary responsibilities for employers, mandated by the Department of Labor (DOL), to safeguard the interests of plan participants. Among these responsibilities is the periodic monitoring of fees and services associated with 401(k) plans, as outlined by the DOL.

The DOL, through its Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA), provides comprehensive guidelines and regulations to ensure that employers fulfill their fiduciary obligations diligently. Central to these guidelines is the requirement for employers to regularly assess and monitor the fees and services associated with their 401(k) plans, aiming to promote transparency, accountability, and the prudent management of retirement assets.

The DOL's stance on monitoring fees and services is articulated in various regulatory documents, including the "Meeting Your Fiduciary Responsibilities" publication, which serves as a vital resource for employers navigating the complexities of retirement plan management. On page 8 of the aforementioned document, the DOL underscores the importance of fee and service monitoring, emphasizing its critical role in protecting the interests of plan participants and beneficiaries.

According to the DOL, employers are obligated to undertake a prudent and systematic process for evaluating the reasonableness of fees charged by service providers and the quality of services rendered. This process involves several key steps:

Understanding Fee Structures

Employers must comprehend the various types of fees associated with their 401(k) plans, including investment management fees, administrative expenses, and individual service charges. By gaining clarity on fee structures, employers can make informed decisions regarding fee reasonableness and overall plan cost.

Benchmarking Fees

Employers should benchmark the fees charged by their plan's service providers against industry standards and comparable benchmarks. This comparative analysis enables employers to assess whether the fees being charged are reasonable and competitive within the marketplace.

Reviewing Service Quality

In addition to evaluating fees, employers must assess the quality and adequacy of services provided by plan vendors, such as recordkeeping, investment options, participant education, and customer support. Ensuring that service levels meet the needs of plan participants is essential for promoting retirement readiness and enhancing plan effectiveness.

Documenting the Process

Employers are required to document the steps taken in monitoring fees and services, including the rationale behind fee decisions, the results of benchmarking analyses, and any actions taken to address fee-related concerns. Comprehensive documentation serves as evidence of fiduciary prudence and diligence in fulfilling regulatory requirements.

By adhering to these guidelines, employers can fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities effectively while promoting the financial confidence and well-being of their employees.

Failure to monitor fees and services diligently may expose employers to potential fiduciary liability and legal repercussions, highlighting the importance of compliance with DOL regulations.

Adopt a Systematic Approach

The DOL's mandate for employers to periodically monitor fees and services associated with their 401(k) plans underscores the significance of fiduciary diligence and accountability in retirement plan management.

By adopting a systematic approach to fee evaluation and service oversight, employers can uphold their fiduciary duties, mitigate risks, and enhance the retirement readiness of their workforce, ultimately contributing to the long-term financial independence of plan participants and beneficiaries.


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